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Perseid Göktaşı Yağmuru’ndan İnanılmaz Kareler

Chicago: sunset

Why Evolution Is True

This was taken the evening of August 10. The glowing bits to the left are buildings reflecting the setting sun.

Chicago Aug 10

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The Flatirons in Colorado.

The Leshan Giant Buddha.

The surprise at Lake Huron.

The ultimate spice rack.

Five baby owls comforted by a stuffed toy.

A 6,000 year old kiss.

Flamingos in the Miami Metrozoo

bathroom (before Hurricane Andrew).

What it looks like diving near Easter Island.

Winter in Krakow (Poland)

This perfect rainbow in Wilford Sound, New Zealand.

This huge chunk of Malachite.

The Bay of Kotor.

When brushing your cat gives you a whole new cat.

A Lynx couple walking along the highway.

A Blazing Warehouse that Freezes, in Chicago.

Giant Galapagos Tortoises marching in formation.

A Space Shuttle Launch from above.

The amazingly clear water of the Maldives.

The world’s youngest veterinarian.

This most remarkable of sand sculptures.

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A Passing Squall, or the Harbinger of a Major Storm?

The Wanderlust Gene

Taking heart from several days of intermittent sunshine and almost no rain, I decided the other night to take a long-delayed trip up to Negombo to putter around the old Dutch canals.

Thinking to make a day of it, to leave the city behind and re-acquaint myself with that laid back, unspoiled Sri Lanka I so adore, I plotted a course along the “old” road that runs between the ocean and the lagoon, meandering along at a ‘village’ tempo unthinkable except in the deep countryside – though here we were, less than 10 minutes from the city and barely a car to be seen.

You can imagine then, that I arrived in the bustling little town very relaxed and in the mood to give myself another treat:   a Caesar Salad and a glass of cold white wine beside the seaside, I thought, would make the perfect lunch prelude to…

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Fotogünlük #28 – Horn Head

diabolo violette


Donegal eyaletinin en kuzey noktalarından biri – Horn Head


Muhteşem bir manzara.

Tam olarak şurası;

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Mykonos´ta en lezzetli gun batimi icin: Sea Satin Market


Mykonos Yunan adalari arasinda populeritesini giderek arttiran ve krizden en az etkilenmis olan ada. Daha cok cilgin aksamustu partileri ile gundemde olsa da gitmisken ugranmasi gereken bir lezzet duragini paylasmak isterim.

Leziz baliklar ve guzel deniz urunleri icin dogru adres Sea Satin. Mykonos´un en meshur koyunun tam uc noktasinda bulunan bu restoranin manzarasi sahane, ortami ise cok keyifli. Mykonos´un meshur yel degirmenlerinin ise tam altinda konumlanmis durumda…

fotoğraf (22)

Denenmesi gereken lezzetlere gelirsek…En onemlileri deniz urunlu makarna, domates ve Feta peyniri soslu karides, marine edilmis ahtapot.

fotoğraf (19)fotoğraf (20)

Tabi bunlarin oncesinde masada meshur Grek salata ve Yunanlarin klasik baslangici olan kizarmis kabak eksik olmamali.

fotoğraf (21)fotoğraf (18)

Benim tavsiyem buraya tam gunes batimi saatinde gidip buyuleyici manzaranin tadini cikarman. Saat 12 gibi yuksek sesli geleneksek Yunan muzikleriyle daha da eglenceli bir yere donusen Sea Satin Mykonos´ta gittigim en keyifli yerlerden biriydi. Tabi yaninda yudumlayacagin Uzo ya da beyaz sarap ta keyfine keyif katacaktir.

Simdiden bol keyifler!


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Sunsets and spirituality in Sedona

On the Luce

Among the macho Wild West-style towns of the southwest USA, Sedona in Arizona attracts a more New Age crowd. The town has embraced its alternative side with a host of crystal shops, psychics, alternative therapists and vortex tours.

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Evolution of the Reichstag Building in Photos

Geometry & Silence

Such a magnificent work or architecture this. Was one of my favourites as an architecture student so great to finally visit it for real and even better to not be in the slightest disappointed by the reality.

Contemporary images © Quintin Lake and available for publication / licensing contact me for pricing or to commission your own shoot. More from this Photoshoot

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