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Music from the UK -The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

World Music - the Music Journey

In fact an unusual cover version of the “Wuthering Heights ” from Kate Bush , i like both versions , the one of Kate because i connect a lot of lovely thoughts with it , and this one beause it makes me laugh and happy .

It´s amazing you can give them  the saddest song material you can imagine , they make a positive thing out of it ; the Ukulele the most positive music instrument in the world 🙂

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Music from Germany – ItaloBrothers

World Music - the Music Journey

The ItaloBrothers are a german dance and hands-up project, formed in 2006.  Listen to their great piece “Stamp on the ground”:

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Music from France – La Caution

World Music - the Music Journey

La Caution is a french rap band consisting of the two brothers from Maroc , Hi-Tekk and Nikkfurie. The group has been founded in the middle of the 90´s . The a la menthe has become well-known through the movie “Ocean twelve “(2004) where the song has been part of .

In 2001 they realeased their first album “Asphalt Hurlante ” what can be free translated as “Crying Streets”

I like the rap combined with folkloric elements / instruments

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Music from Armenia – Avyun

World Music - the Music Journey

Avyun is a Folk Art Rock Band from Armenia .

Here is their song “Fairy Tale ” Sorry found no further information ;_(

Edit – received a message from the band – see what they wrote to me :

Աւիւն – avyun Avyun was founded in 2013. Musicians are all from a small town in Armenia Vanadzor, famous for its’ rock-culture, as many bands have come out of there. Avyun members are: Davit Galstyan-bass guitars, Davit Grigoryan-guitars (and they paralelly play in another ethnic new metal band Vordan Karmir), Edgar Sargsyan-guitars and Christine Kolyan-vocals. The home-page is not ready yet. Avyun in Armenian means ” the movement of desire”. Thank you for your appreciation

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[MV] Kesna Music – ‘Is It Love?’



Kesna Music adalah duo yang dibentuk oleh Kero One dan Esna. Kero One ialah musisi hiphop/soul yang sudah diakui dunia internasional yang sebelumnya bekerja sama dengan musisi seperti Dynamic Duo (Korea), Epik High (Korea) dan menuai pujian dari Stevie Wonder. Sementara itu, Esna ialah penyanyi yang dikenal dengan kolaborasinya dengan Ailee, Lydia Paek, dan menulis lagu untuk As One feat. SJ Donghae. Ia juga tampil di musim ketiga Superstar K sebagai Yoon, Bit-na-ra.

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Music from Germany – Electric Love

World Music - the Music Journey

Electric Love , a Kickass  Punk Group from Stuttgart /South Germany founded i think in 2008. Another gig i saw on the Mini Rock Festival in Horb this year . They have been the startup band of the second festival day and have to play in the tent also on the small stage , due to the hot wheather and to the very early time (2:00pm) there have not been a lot of visitors on the festival field – the poor ones missed this great gig of these 4 faboulous musicians – two ladies on bass and rhthm guitar and two guys on lead guitar and drums .

Here is their song – Maybe

and another picture from the gig

electric love

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Music from the UK – The Blue Nile

World Music - the Music Journey

The Blue Nile is a 1981 founded adult pop-rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Listen to their nice piece “Tinseltown in the Rain”:

Thanks for this great suggestion thesonnyone!

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